This school was started in the year 1926 by a British Missionary lady Miss Ruth Dutton. It exists principally for education of Christian children but it is also open to all without distinction of caste or creed. Till 1969 it remained under the control of Scott Wilson, belonging to the pedigree of Miss Ruth Dutton. In 1970 it passed on in the hands of Indian Christian Missionaries, Miss Mercy Roberts and Miss Ananda Morrow. In 1972 it came under the control of Mrs. Sohpie Shukla, President, National Missionary Society, Kanpur Branch, the younger sister of Miss Mercy Roberts, who expired in June 1972.

Mrs. Shopie Shukla belonged to a family of dedicated and devoted Indian Christian Missionaries - her father being a priest and her sister an educationist. The stamp of piety and pedagogy had its lasting impact on her personality and she proved worthy of her family heritage by entering into the teaching profession and in the later years turned into a missionary. She imbibed in her the amalgam of both spirit and wisdom which shines forth through the annals and corridors of Huddard School which aims at producing patriots and great women of letters and science.

Under Mrs. Sohpie Shukla's management new buildings were raised and the premises were purchased from its owners and now vests in the name of the institution. During her time the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1976 with great pomp and grandeur. She did not live long to see its Diamond Jubilee and expired prematurely in October, 1985. She left behind her a dedicated team of family and friends who carry on her unfinished task.